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A few tips everybody should consider. I’ve experienced all those and some more. I’m not good at english but I hope you get it. Go and support some artists out there and let them draw you nice shit. Not as nice as FairyNekoDesu but still will be cool so give them a chance and you’ll be surprised.

If you ever wanted to ask someone do a commision for you, this is relevant to your interests.

Pokémon Survey #1: Bold What’s True!
1. I started with the anime
2. I started with the games
3. My first starter was a fire type
4. I still remember Team Rocket’s first motto
5. I care for my Pokémon
6. The only shiny I’ve ever had was the red gyarados from HG/SS
7. I’m the only one in my family who likes Pokémon
8. Eeveelutions aren’t that cool
9. Someone introduced me to Pokémon
10. I have at least one thing with Pokémon stickers on it
11. I bought a 3DS just because of Pokémon
12. I honestly don’t know who Junichi Masuda is
13. I used to pretend that animals were Pokémon
14. I’ve read the manga at least once
15. Once I beat the Champion, I never touch the game anymore
16. Once in my life, I got Pokémon stuff as birthday gift
17. I found/hatched a shiny today
18. Milotic is the most beautiful Pokémon in the world
19. I like to think that I’m good at battling but I never battle that one person because I think they’re better than me
20. I haven’t watched all of the movies
21. I have Pokémon Y
22. My last starter was a fire type
23. I beat Whitney in the first try
24. I still watch the anime
25. I actually have a pet named after a Pokémon
26. Team Magma rules
27. Nah, Team Aqua is better
28. Smogon needs to stop banning everything (seriously)
29. I don’t even know what Smogon is
30. I like Latios over Latias
31. I don’t nickname my Pokémon
32. I have more than 10 shinies
33. I believe in Gengar and Clefable’s theory
34. N is so irrelevant now (yeah…)
35. I never liked N that much anyway
36. I think about how cool my life would be be if Pokémon were real
37. Arcanine needs a Mega Evolution
38. I know the japanese name of at least 5 Pokémon
39. I’ve never had a Pikachu
40. I like Red over Ash (I don’t like Ash at all!)
41. I killed a legendary on purpose
42. I have a Pokémon plush
43. I liek Mudkipz
44. Flygon should be part bug
45. I’d be 80 and I’d still like Pokémon
46. I swear I don’t understand the Pokemon trading card game
47. I own every single Pokémon game, like, all of them, every single one.
48. If Pokémon were real, I would make a blog just to post about my journey.
49. Whimsicott or Lilligant
50. I have a Pokémon tattoo


New Final Fantasy Explorers shots from this week’s Famitsu.

We get to enjoy the lovely Ninja and Time Mage jobs, a look at the new Ramuh (Check that face!), and Fenrir as well. After the previous night’s livestream, I’m really starting to feel the hype for this one. Rather than go the Monster Hunter route, it looks like a slightly simplified version of XIV’s battle system. Super cool.


Final Fantasy Explorers will come out on the 18th of december for Japan


Final Fantasy Explorers will come out on the 18th of december for Japan


New Nintendo 3DS & New Nintendo 3DS XL

New Features:
- C-Stick
- Extra Shoulder Buttons
- Screen Brightness Auto Adjusts Depending on Ambient Lighting
- Inner-Camera Tracks Your Face To Prevent Blurry 3D Images
- Customizable Covers Change The Appearance of the Home Menu!

Look, sister! A new, revamped, better 3ds! Aren’t you glad you bought yours just a couple weeks ago?

I’m a bit worried about all these new features, but excited for the possibilities it will bring to the table.

Maybe they’re planning to bring older platforms’ games to 3ds and WiiU. Seeing Xenoblade Chronicles work in a 3ds gave me hope. And that’s good.

But maybe they’ll begin developing games using these new features and that means I’ll have to buy a new console.

Let’s wait.

at last


 a bravely second trailer

the music i was worried about when i heard revo was ditching the scene

but ryo really knows how to compose

Music Tag

I was tagged by hoemagurr

  1. Cake to bake - Aarzemnieki - Latvia - Eurovision Song Contest 2014
  2. Shakira - Loca
  3. Ricky Martin - Maria (Just Dance 2014)
  4. Out here on my own - Rachel/Mercedes (Glee)
  5. El amor, el amor - zumba
  6. Dancing lasha tumbai - Verka Serduchka - Ukraine - Eurovision Song Contest 2007
  7. Mamma Mia - Glee cast
  8. Hit the lights - Serena Gomez & the Scene
  9. Misery - Blaine & the Warblers (Glee)
  10. Truth - Luca Yumi (Shouja Kakumei Utena - Revolution Girl Utena ending)

Ten songs constitute a really small sample to get a hint of what I usually listen to, but rules are rules. There’s a ton of music missing. You’ll have to guess :p